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Routine O'Brien Baptist Church Events

  • Worship Services - Every Sunday at 10 AM 

  • Super Sunday: 5:00 dinner, and 5:45 classes and activities for children and youth

  • Prayer & Bible Study - Every Wednesday at 6 PM

  • Emergency Food Pantry Distribution Day - Every 3rd Tuesday of each month 10 AM - 1 PM

  • Women's Ministry: Third Saturday at 3:00 unless there is a calendar conflict

  • Men's Ministry: Last Saturday at 1:00 unless there is a calendar conflict

  • Senior Meal Train: Monthly provision of heat and eat meals to seniors and shut ins

    • There are opportunities to serve.  

             January 2023 Senior Meal Train

                         Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023 please have your food at the church by 9 AM.

  • Men's Bible Study: weekly meeting--Contact Roe for information



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