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O'Brioen Baptist Church Front

    O'Brien Baptist Church was founded  in 1884. The church started out as Cedar Grove Baptist Church, which was a hew log structure. Later in 1889, a fresh pine structure was built with Reverend J. W. Fleming as it's pastor. The church memebrship was moved to the Obrine (O'Brien) Station in 1894. Over the next few years the church was led by several men, including  W.B High, D. F. Ward, and B. D. Harrell and was also known as The Baptist Church of Christ of O'Brien. Back in those days, baptisms were often held in the Suwanee River at Little River Springs.


In 1991, Reverend George E. Fryar III and wife Vaster, joined our church and George became pastor until he retired from his position here in 2014, making him the longest running pastor at O'Brien Baptist Church.


 Over the years, there have been many changes to the Church like the Brotherhood of Christian Men, Women on Mission, the SonShiners Senior Fellowship Group, a dynamic Youth & Children's Ministries, Emergency Food Pantry Ministry allowing us to greatly increase our scope of ministry in Christ's name for our community. Our "State of the art" Audio/ Video Dept and IT equipment & staff, as well as Calling Post Communication system have greatly augmented our ability to reach, not only those who attend our services but also our "home-bound" members.


Our church has a deep rooted need & desire to glorify God by making or helping to ficilitate making of disciples in all nations, striving to be more like Jesus Christ, both in action & attitude, and helping our fellow neighbors and community fight against sin with scriptural education, evangelism and fellowship in Christ at every opportunity.


In 2015, Reverend Keith Jones and wife, Debbie joined our church as Keith  Jones was nominated and called as our new Pastor.



And the story continues.......

O'Brien Baptist Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Swannee Baptist Association.